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Facials are a quintessential part of skincare but offer more than just a moment or two of indulgence. Self Care Facials are a holistic component of self-care and skin care. Beyond the surface-level pampering, professional self-care facials are a meticulous blend of science, relaxation, and rejuvenation to restore radiance and vitality to the skin. 

These tailored treatments address specific skin concerns while providing peace and quiet so you can prioritize your well-being and nourish your skin from within. In today’s fast-paced world, where stress and environmental factors can take a toll on our complexion, professional self-care facials become vital in nurturing the skin and the soul.

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What is a Self-Care Facial?

A self-care facial is a personalized skincare treatment that nurtures the skin while recharging your spirit. Our facials include four treatments in one.

It typically begins with a thorough double cleanse, where gentle yet effective cleansers remove impurities and makeup, allowing the skin to breathe freely. Next is dermaplaning, a popular treatment that utilizes a professional sterile surgical scalpel to exfoliate the skin’s surface and gently remove dead skin cells and peach fuzz, resulting in a smoother, brighter complexion. Following dermaplaning is steam that opens up the pores and prepares the skin for deeper penetration of subsequent treatments. Finally, our luxurious lavender jelly mask treats oily skin and acne, reduces redness, and clears and calms the pores while infusing the skin with hydration. The soothing scent of lavender envelops the senses, promoting relaxation and stress relief.

This comprehensive facial not only addresses various skin concerns but also creates a serene and indulgent experience, making the self-care facial a cherished ritual and also the perfect way to treat yourself.

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What Are the Benefits of a Self-Care Facial?

A self-care facial offers many benefits for both the skin and overall well-being.

Beyond the cleansing aspect, a self-care facial also provides the following skin and well-being benefits:

  • Exfoliation
  • A deep pore cleansing
  • Hydration and nourishment
  • Relaxation and stress relief
  • Better product absorption
  • Smoother makeup application
  • Time to relax and recharge

Overall, the facial offers a comprehensive approach to skincare, addressing various concerns while promoting relaxation and self-care, resulting in a glowing complexion and a renewed sense of well-being.

How Much Does IT COST?

We recommend a quick consultation to determine the cost of treatment. Our providers can discuss the treatment details to obtain your desired results.

We tailor the treatment to your needs, and the cost will vary. Our team can create a custom package exclusive to your needs and a more precise cost for the treatment. A consultation with our staff will provide a more accurate treatment cost.

How Long Does A Self-Care Facial Last?

While the facial itself lasts about 60 minutes, the results last longer.

Immediately after your treatment, your skin will look softer, smoother, more even, and glowy. These results will last about two weeks, maybe longer with the proper at-home skincare routine.

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We recommend self-care facials about every four to six weeks depending on your skin type, concerns, and the specific products you're using at home.

Lavender jelly masks offer various benefits for the skin due to the properties of lavender. Lavender is known for its soothing and calming properties, making it ideal for relaxing the skin and reducing redness and inflammation. The jelly-like texture of the mask provides hydration and helps to lock in moisture, leaving the skin feeling refreshed and revitalized. Additionally, the pleasant aroma of lavender promotes relaxation and can contribute to a spa-like experience during your self-care routine.

Steam is used in a self-care facial because it helps to open up pores, making it easier to remove dirt, oil, and impurities trapped within the skin. This can prevent acne and breakouts by allowing for more effective cleansing. By opening up the pores, steam allows skincare products applied during the facial to penetrate deeper into the skin, maximizing their effectiveness. The warmth and soothing sensation of steam can promote relaxation and stress relief, enhancing the overall spa-like experience of a self-care facial.

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If you’re ready to rejuvenate and pamper your skin while indulging in some self-care, now is the time to book a consultation with Charette Cosmetics. A one-on-one consultation with our experienced aestheticians will determine the best self-care facial for you. We can also customize a package specific to your needs so that you can obtain the best results possible.

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