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Most of us pay the most attention to the skin on our faces, but what about the skin from the neck down? It deserves the same TLC. Once summer rolls around and you trade in your heavy sweaters for tube tops and bathing suits, the skin on the chest all the way down to your legs may sport some fine lines, deep chest wrinkles, sun damage and hyperpigmentation, and breakouts.

Naturally, glazing over paying attention to the skin on the body will render it dull, dry, and lacking that healthy glow. But you can easily fix all of that with a simple body chemical peel. These do-it-all treatments can even out the skin and get it back on track to health so you can finally kiss that discolored, bumpy, rough skin goodbye!

Chemical Peels

What is a Body Peel?

Body peels are like a supercharged version of the chemical peels used to improve the skin on the face. But since the skin on the body is inherently thicker, it can handle stronger chemical peels with more concentrated exfoliating acids.

The most significant difference between a face and body peel is that it packs higher percentages of active ingredients (the skin is thicker, so it can handle it) to improve the skin on your legs, arms, back, chest, and hands. With less dead skin on the surface, your body products will penetrate the skin much better.

Peels range in intensity from superficial or light to medium and then deep (often not recommended for darker skin). No matter the strength of the peel, an acid-based ingredient (or several) will create an exfoliation mechanism in the skin. Peels are great skin refreshers that improve tone and texture while stimulating collagen production. They’re also heralded for their ability to treat fine lines and wrinkles, acne, and even common signs of aging. One of the most significant benefits of using a chemical peel is that it will improve and lighten hyperpigmentation and discoloration.

How Do Body Peels Work?

No matter their concentration, all body chemical peels weaken the ‘glue’ that holds the uppermost layer of skin cells to the top layer of the skin, helping to remove them.

Once the dead skin cells are released, the skin takes on a much smoother, softer, refreshed, and brighter appearance. Plus, chemical peels increase cell turnover to help improve hyperpigmentation and fine lines.

Even though there are different types of body peels, the main benefits they offer include the following:

  • Improving body acne on the chest and back 
  • Reducing hyperpigmentation by exfoliating the skin so that it looks brighter and lighter 
  • Improving rough, bumpy texture by lifting away dead skin cells

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The Best Body Peels

The chemical peels offered at Charette Cosmetics (both our Level I and MelanX) are suitable for use anywhere on the body, whether the body part is small or large. Depending on your skin type and concerns, you can have your provider apply a body peel to the chest, back, neck, hands, butt, legs, and beyond.

The types of chemical peels we offer for the body include:

Level I Chemical Peel

The Level I chemical peel is a gentle yet powerful medical-grade peel for the body. This peel can improve body acne and acne scarring, fine lines and wrinkles, age and sun spots, hyperpigmentation, oil balancing, and overall skin health.

Commonly used acids include lactic and citric for light exfoliation, glycolic to treat wrinkles and minimal hyperpigmentation, salicylic acid for acne, and TCA for more prominent pigment and signs of aging.

A level 1 chemical peel works to improve mild-to-moderate skin imperfections. This superficial peel is beneficial for enhancing collagen production and epidermal thickening. While it can help improve the appearance of discoloration, hyperpigmentation, and acne scarring, it’s not as intense of a peel. However, the full results aren’t often seen until three or six peel treatments, whereas it’s one treatment with MelanX. In addition, there’s less peeling time but not as much pigment or discoloration lofted and dead skin off the surface.

Level II MelanX Chemical Peel

Our Level II MelanX chemical peel is a more powerful and intense medical-grade peel for treating dark spots, acne scarring, sun spots, hyperpigmentation, fine lines, and wrinkles.

This kit comes with a 20-25 day post-care skincare regimen, including a prescription-strength brightening cream, retinol serum, a soothing balm, and a facial cleanser. Please keep in mind that you must wear a red mask for 12 hours, so plan time accordingly.

MelanX works to polish the skin and lift away pigmentation so the skin is more even. The treatment will reveal your skin’s natural tone and radiant, fresh new skin. Performed either in-office or at home, MelanX speeds up the rate at which the skin naturally sheds to remove unwanted pigment from the skin effectively. Besides evening out the complexion, the MelanX peel also works wonders for smoothing the skin’s texture by lifting away dead skin cells that can clog the pores and mar your skin’s appearance.

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Depending on what part of your body you wish to treat determines which peel is most appropriate.

For smaller areas like the elbows, lower back, top of feet, knees, back of hands, lower arms, upper arms, underarms, and décolleté, we typically use the MelanX chemical peel. For larger areas of the body, like the back, chest and décolleté, shoulders, abdomen, upper leg, lower leg, or full arm, we can also use the MelanX chemical peel. Of course, the issues at hand, the degree of discoloration, and your ultimate goals make the perfect formula to find the right body peel for you.

To treat the entire body, we recommend our level 1 chemical peel, which is effective for lightening up discoloration and improving other skin issues without compromising the integrity of the skin overall.

How Long Does It Take to See Results?

If you’re looking for smooth, supple skin, you can see (and feel) an improvement in skin texture in just one or two treatments. But because the skin on the body heals differently from the skin on the face, it may take longer to see results for deeper skin concerns.

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