There’s nothing quite like a skin-refining, glow-inducing treatment that removes dead skin and peach fuzz for smoother skin that boasts that lit-from-within glow we are chasing forever. And the easiest way to achieve it is with dermaplaning. This beloved treatment works fast and provides immediate results, leaving the face feeling baby soft and your makeup looking flawless.

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Professionally-administered dermaplaning treatments are unparalleled in terms of results.

While other skin-smoothing therapies may help improve the skin’s texture, there’s nothing quite like dermaplaning if smooth as silk skin that looks and feels healthy and flawless is your ultimate skin goal.

What is Dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning is a treatment that rids the outermost layer of dead skin while simultaneously removing peach fuzz.

By eliminating dead skin cells that sit on the surface, the pores are less likely to be clogged. Exfoliation is an essential step of any well-rounded skincare routine. A buildup of dead skin cells can easily obstruct the pores and hair follicles, leading to breakouts. The treatment also allows light to reflect correctly off the skin giving it a luminous glow. Also, a quick dermaplaning session leaves the skin feeling smoother to the touch, equating to makeup that glides on and looks flawless.

To perform a dermaplaning session, your aesthetician will gently glide a sharp scalpel blade across the face to ‘shave’ off both dead skin and the vellus hairs (fine, tiny facial hairs) simultaneously, revealing smoother, brighter, glowing skin. While dermaplaning can be done at home, the professional version uses a surgical scalpel for more precise hair and dead skin removal.

Face shaving is nothing new. For years, women have been using special face razors to rid their skin of pore-clogging dead skin and peach fuzz. Yet, dermaplaning has become a popular and highly requested process simply because of the results it delivers. Plus, removing dead skin cells and facial hair allows the skincare products you regularly use to absorb much better into the skin.

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What Are the Benefits of Dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning is a quick and easy way to get rid of dull-looking skin and its causes.

Many fans of dermaplaning continually do the treatment because it’s a downtime-free treatment that provides instant results.

Whereas other exfoliation methods rely on acids or harsh abrasive scrubs, dermaplaning physically removes the dead skin, so there’s less risk of scratching the skin or experiencing a reaction to the exfoliating agent.

Some of the main benefits of dermaplaning include:

  • Smoother, softer skin
  • Luminous, glowy skin
  • Makeup that goes on better
  • Improved penetration of topical skincare products
  • More even skin tone
  • May improve the appearance of acne scars and fine lines
  • Improves clogged pores

Dermaplaning can also remove unwanted hair from areas of the face that may be too sensitive for conventional hair removal techniques. That’s why many women choose to dermaplane their upper lip, the cheeks, and the sides of the face.

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The Dermaplaning Process

A dermaplaning session is quick and painless.

During the treatment, which takes about 20 minutes, your aesthetician will start by holding the taut skin while scraping the skin gently with a fresh surgical blade. Holding the blade at the right angle allows for dead skin and fine hair to be whisked away from the face.

Removing both dead skin cells and peach fuzz in a single session makes the skin immediately smoother, brighter, and softer. Moreover, because the treatment is a means of physical exfoliation, there’s no waiting to see the results emerge–within seconds of the treatment, you’ll notice clearer, fresher skin staring back at you in the mirror.

The main difference between dermaplaning and other hair removal techniques, like waxing, is that the hairs are not ripped from their follicle. Instead, only the hair outside of the follicle is gently shaved off. There’s also no risk of burns from hot wax since the blade used is room temperature.

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Common FAQs

Dermaplaning varies in cost from provider to provider, and those in large cities often charge more. However, on average, one session of dermaplaning can cost anywhere from $50 to upwards of $200 per treatment.


To determine the cost of your dermaplaning session, call our office to schedule a consultation where we will put a custom program together to correct your current skin concerns.

Dermaplaning is a safe and generally well-tolerated treatment. The key is always to seek treatment with an expert who understands the nuances of the skin, facial hair, and how to properly dermaplane the skin with a sharp, medical-grade blade.


While dermaplaning is minimal, it's essential to know nicks and cuts can occur, just like traditional shaving. In addition, exposure to too much sun after treatment increases the risk of hyperpigmentation. Some patients notice small whiteheads or tiny blemishes in the days following a dermaplaning treatment, which often resolves independently. You can treat them with an over-the-counter spot treatment.

The exfoliating and hair removing treatment works for most skin tones and types and for anyone who wants to remove peach fuzz from their face and freshen up their skin. It's also an excellent alternative to more traditional hair removal techniques like waxing and threading and modes of exfoliation such as scrubs.


If you suffer from cystic acne, active acne breakouts, rosacea, or eczema, it’s best to schedule a consultation first to determine if you are a candidate for dermaplaning.

No. It's a myth that shaving will cause the hairs to grow back thicker and darker. Instead, you'll stay smooth and fuzz-free for a few weeks, if not longer. Then, when the hair re-emerges, it will be the same color, texture, and density as pre-dermaplaning.

While everyone is different, on average, we recommend dermaplaning as a treatment to do every three to four weeks. However, if your skin starts to look dull and there is noticeable peach fuzz before then, you can opt for the treatment earlier. Conversely, if you can stretch out the results longer, you can schedule your dermaplaning appointments accordingly.

It's essential to keep the skin well protected from the sun after dermaplaning. The more sun exposure it receives, the more likely it is to pigment. That's why it's essential to wear UVA and UVB broad-spectrum sunscreen every day.


You can use your regular skincare products after your treatment, although if your skin feels a little sensitive, it's best to hold off for a few days on supercharged actives, like retinol and glycolic acids. Suppose your aesthetician couples dermaplaning with other skin rejuvenating treatments (like a chemical peel); you'll need to avoid exfoliating agents until it is safe to resume using this–you don't want to over-exfoliate the skin.


Other things to avoid after dermaplaning are waxing, threading, and other hair removal methods.

It's normal for the skin to emerge a bit pink or red post-dermaplaning, which may last for one to two days. It may also feel a little more sensitive than usual, and certain skincare products may tingle more than usual–if that's the case, stop using them for a few days.


Your skin may also feel somewhat dry, which should subside in two days. Minor skin flaking may also occur, which will resolve on its own or with some moisturizer.

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