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Are you looking for a little boost in your butt? Want to add volume and shape to your backside without committing to surgery? It can be done with dermal filler injections, otherwise known as an Instant BBL.

The Instant BBL remains a popular procedure because of the subtle ‘pop’ it gives to the backside to improve the contour and shape while providing a more lifted look.


What is Instant BBL?

An Instant BBL is a convenient and easy-to-perform non-surgical procedure that relies on filler, like Sculptra or Radiesse, to gradually augment the buttocks to increase their size, shape, and contours.

The treatment reshapes the S-curve of your body’s profile to improve asymmetry while giving lift, too. With time and age, the butt area tends to sag and lose its once defined curves. But an Instant BBL can restore all of that and more. It’s a beneficial treatment for those concerned with or insecure about a ‘flat’ butt lacking shape.

Both Sculptra and Radiesse are collagen-stimulating fillers that also add volume. Hyaluronic acid fillers are not injected into the backside to augment the butt in an Instant BBL because these types of fillers attract water to add volume only. On the other hand, biostimulatory fillers add volume and create new collagen production. It also creates an inflammatory response of sorts and provides long-lasting results.

The Instant BBL creates a more uniform result compared to the surgical BBL. Since it utilizes Sculptra or Radiesse rather than fat, it has skin-improving capabilities and can increase the skin’s overall elasticity. Although the procedure is an off-label treatment, it’s an easier way to obtain a better-shaped butt. In addition, by using fillers instead of fat (as with surgery), the butt looks more natural and with less of a bottom heaviness.

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How Does An Instant BBL Work?

Instant BBLs add volume to the area, which creates better shape and contours for more of an S-shape profile than one that’s a bit flatter. The addition of curves to the body also makes more of an hourglass silhouette that’s more feminine and youthful.

To perform an Instant BBL, the area is numbed with topical lidocaine (numbing cream). Then, the filler is injected into the butt and deep beneath the skin’s surface to achieve the desired shape, fullness, lift, and contour. But to obtain what you want, you’ll need more than one session–most patients need upwards of three sessions about six weeks apart.

With an Instant BBL, you can pinpoint specific areas to improve, like, for example, the hip dips or the upper portion of the buttocks. Or, you can enhance and augment the entire region.

Injecting filler acts as a scaffolding that allows the new collagen to grow. Both Sculptra and Radiesse take time to work, and while you may see a boost in volume right away, it takes at least six weeks to notice an improvement. Once the collagen formation starts, it can take up to a few months to complete.

Unfortunately, because these longer-lasting fillers can lead to lumps and nodules under the skin, your practitioner may dilute the product with water to give it a ‘better spread.’ Plus, the addition of water (diluted filler) helps to provide an instant volumizing boost. However, the water’s volumizing effects are short-lived at best.

How much boost you want will dictate how much filler needs to be used. If you’re after a more subtle difference, you may be able to get away with ten vials or so; a substantial increase in size usually requires upwards of 20 vials.

Am I A Good Candidate For An Instant BBL?

The ideal candidate for an Instant BBL is someone who is in good health and wants to tweak their butt but isn’t willing to undergo surgery. You should be at or close to your ideal body weight with minimal loose skin in the area.

For those who are not interested in a permanent result, as with the case with a surgical Brazilian butt lift, an Instant BBL is a more palatable option. It’s also an excellent alternative if you lack donor fat necessary for surgery or have low BMIs (body mass index).

It’s essential that you don’t have a bleeding condition or disorder history, making injectable procedures somewhat risky.

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How much does an Instant BBL cost?

Instant BBLs vary in cost from provider to provider, and those in large cities often charge more. 

However, on average, one session of an Instant BBL starts at $2,500.

To determine the cost of your Instant BBL, call our office to schedule a consultation where we will put a custom program together to correct your current concerns.

Common FAQs

The fillers used are not dissolvable, so if a problem occurs, like lumps or bumps, you'll have to wait for the effects to fade on their own, or the product may have to be removed surgically. However, most patients are happy with the outcome of the procedure.


It’s normal to feel sore at and near the injection site for the first days after the procedure. Minor swelling and bruising can also occur.

The results of an Instant BBL are long-lasting, but they are not permanent. Expect the results to last a few years. Some patients see an improvement that lasts for two years, while others report it lasting up to four years.

Unlike a surgical BBL, the Instant BBL doesn’t necessitate a recovery period. You can resume your regular activities directly after the procedure, although you may want to hold off on working out for a few days.


Short of some minor swelling and soreness, there isn’t much pain from an Instant BBL.


It’s best to sleep on your stomach or side for the first two weeks as the filler integrates and settles into the tissue while the procedure takes effect. If you experience any discomfort, you can always sit on a donut to relieve any pressure off the butt itself.

The common thread amongst both versions of butt enhancement is an increase in size, improved shape and contour, and some lift. An Instant BBL is a quick fix that doesn't require significant downtime or recovery like the surgical version does.


Like all surgeries, a BBL results in some scarring, which is usually tiny. But the Instant BBL is completely scar-free.


Not everyone is a good candidate for surgeries like a BBL, yet non-invasive options suit a wider net of candidates. So if surgery isn’t possible for you, the Instant BBL may be a better fit.

There is some downtime following an Instant BBL, but it's nothing like the surgical BBL. Most patients experience some bruising on and around the butt that lasts for about one week. To avoid any lumps or nodules from forming, you’ll need to massage the butt for the first five to seven days following the injections.

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