Liquid Gold Cocktail (Mesotherapy)

New beauty treatments and specialty facials are popping up all the time. And while some are a fleeting trend, others, like the Liquid Gold Cocktail, are here to stay. However, unlike other trend treatments, what sets the Liquid Gold Cocktail apart are the multiple benefits it provides in a single session.

Skin Treatments

Gold is a highly regarded commodity in the beauty world.

It has found its place as an active ingredient in some of the most effective, influential, and luxurious skincare creams and serums. So it makes perfect sense that it has finally found its way into professionally-administered skincare and anti-aging treatments.

The Liquid Gold Cocktail is the ideal add-on for other skin and rejuvenating therapies, especially if you want to increase your skin’s glow factor.

What is
Liquid Gold Cocktail (Mesotherapy)?

A Liquid Gold Cocktail is a unique treatment that utilizes tiny gold-plated needles in a handheld stamper to directly deliver a blend of nourishing and hydrating ingredients and wrinkle reducers into the skin. Some treatment versions use Botox, too, while others create a custom cocktail. You can expect your Liquid Gold Cocktail to include ingredients such as, but not limited to:

  • Hyaluronic acid
  • Vitamin C
  • Botox
  • Hydrating agents
  • Peptides

Sometimes, the facial goes by other names like microchanneling, stamping, or even microinfusion treatments.

gold infusion facial results on darker skin
gold infusion facial process

The Facial uses a tiny device that creates micro-channels in the skin (similar to microneedling) to infuse a customized elixir of skin-improving ingredients and enhancers into the superficial layers of the skin. The tool used during this process contains tiny, fine needles plated in gold, hence the name of the treatment.

Micro doses of the ingredients are gently stamped onto the skin. Since the Liquid Gold Cocktail uses such tiny needles, the treatment can be micro-targeted to hard-to-reach and hard-to-treat areas like right around the lips and under the eyes.

During the treatment, which is painless, it’s normal for the skin to get red, which will dissipate after.

How to prepare

The prep for a Liquid Gold Cocktail is pretty simple.

First, avoid taking any over-the-counter blood thinners a few days before the treatment. Also, don’t consume any alcohol for 24 hours before.

The skin responds best to the treatment when it’s healthy, so avoid the sun at all costs for one week before your Liquid Gold Cocktail. Limit retinol use and exfoliators, and don’t use either on the skin for 48 hours before the treatment.

Benefits of Liquid Gold Cocktail (Mesotherapy)

The effects are fast and dramatic, making them the perfect treatment to achieve glowy skin. If you’re looking for a skin boost before an important event, this facial is good to do a few days beforehand.

The benefits include:

  • Improved and enhanced skin tone and texture
  • Hydrated skin
  • Improved moisture levels and retention for plumper skin
  • Tighter skin
  • Fewer fine lines and wrinkles
  • Increased collagen production
  • Improved oil production
  • Improves hyperpigmentation
  • Reduces redness

The results can last from a few months to six months, depending on the ingredients used and your post-treatment skincare routine and habits.

gold infusion facial results

What is the Cost of a Liquid Gold Cocktail?

The Facial Treatment varies in cost from provider to provider, and those in large cities often charge more.

In addition, the ingredients used and the number of sessions needed to obtain your desired results also influence the overall cost.

To determine the cost of your Facial treatment, call our office to schedule a consultation where we will put a custom program together to correct your current skin concerns.

Common FAQs

Liquid Gold Cocktail can be performed monthly to every two months.

The Liquid Gold Cocktail is safe and well-tolerated by most people. However, those with active acne should not have the treatment performed on their skin.

The Liquid Gold Cocktail works well for anyone–all skin tones and types included. It's a quick treatment that boosts the skin's appearance. It's also a good alternative for those not ready for Botox or fillers.

The beauty of the Liquid Gold Cocktail is that there is no recovery or downtime associated with the treatment.

Directly after a Liquid Gold Cocktail, the skin may appear slightly pink. Some people experience minor dryness or tightness, but it will look dewy, healthy, and gorgeous!

Good skin habits are essential. For the first day after the treatment, avoid wearing makeup and using exfoliators, cleansing brushes, scrubs, acid-based products, and anything abrasive for a few days. You should always wear sunscreen every day, especially following a Liquid Gold Cocktail.

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