How Much Does Laser Tattoo Removal Cost?

If the idea of a tattoo seemed good at once but is now something you wish were more of a distant memory, laser tattoo removal can wipe away every last trace of your no-longer wanted ink. Laser tattoo removal has been considered the gold standard for removing unwanted tattoos for years. However, as effective as it is, the treatment requires several sessions. Many patients question how much laser tattoos cost to eliminate their unwanted ink.

Exploring Laser Tattoo Removal Cost

Building a realistic budget is the best place to start when determining laser tattoo costs for removing unwanted tattoos. Some patients think that laser tattoo removal is a one-shot treatment, but in reality, numerous sessions are needed to break up the ink particles in the skin thoroughly.

In addition to determining a realistic budget, you’ll need to commit to the number of recommended sessions to erase every trace of your unwanted tattoo. While some laser devices are more effective than others, it’s important to discuss during your consultation what other factors will influence the cost of laser tattoo removal besides the number of sessions required.
On average, a single laser tattoo removal session can start at around $250 and go up depending on the size of the tattoo and its coloration.

Factors Affecting Cost

Plenty of factors need to be considered when determining your laser tattoo removal cost with your provider. Some of the more influential elements that can contribute to the cost of your procedure include:

  • The size and complexity of your tattoo
  • The type and color of ink—black tattoos are easier and less expensive to remove than ones with red, green, and orange pigments.
  • Your skin tone since darker skin may require more sessions to lift the ink pigment
  • The age of your tattoo
  • The technology of the laser device used

These factors will be considered to determine the total number of treatment sessions you’ll need, which will then dictate the overall cost. We recommend scheduling a consultation first to determine a more accurate laser tattoo cost to remove it.

Cost-Efficient Approaches to Laser Tattoo Removal

Since the overall cost of erasing a tattoo from anywhere on your body can start at a few hundred dollars and go up into the thousands, you’ll want to determine the most cost-effective ways to get rid of the ink. Package deals that combine multiple sessions for a discounted rate area are always a good approach. There are also financing options for tattoo removal that can help spread the payments over time. However, your insurance will not cover removing an unwanted tattoo.

To make the most of your treatment sessions and prevent any adverse effects, you’ll want to follow your provider’s instructions and use any recommended post-treatment skincare products. Although those are generally not nearly as costly as the laser tattoo removal treatment, they can add to the overall price, so just be mindful of that.

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