How Long Does Kybella Last?

Excess fat under the chin (technically known as submental fullness) can hinder your profile, make the lower face look fuller and older, and affect your confidence. But where it gets complicated is getting rid of fat under the chin once and for all. Even If you lose weight, the stubborn fat pockets may not dimmish enough, and that’s where Kybella, a fat-destroying injectable, comes into play. While Kybella is a quick and easy way to remove fat from under the chin and eliminate a double chin, patients’ longing question is how long Kybella lasts and whether it is a permanent option. Here, we get into the nitty-gritty about how long Kybella results are and why they are worth it. 

Understanding How Long Kybella LASTS

Kybella is a permanent fat removal option for slimming and debulking the area under the chin. For the most part, the effects of Kybella, administered via a series of injections into the chin over a few treatments, are permanent. Therefore, the targeted fat will be gone forever once fully targeted. With Kybella, the body won’t create new fat cells, and the destroyed ones won’t regenerate.

Although Kybella is an effective fat-reducing treatment for under the chin, it’s essential to know that Kyeblla only targets about 25% of the fat in each session. If you undergo a few treatment sessions, getting rid of all the fat in the area may not be possible. Any fat targeted with Kybella lasts indefinitely as long as you maintain a stable weight.

On average, patients who seek Kybella to reduce a double chin notice that the results of Kybella stay for the long term and rarely return to baseline. Most patients see improvement in their chin area that lasts for years, if not forever, since fat cells, unlike other cells in the body, cannot regenerate when destroyed, giving way to permanent results.

Factors Affecting KYBELLA RESULTS

Not everyone will have the same results when treated with Kybella; variations from patient to patient are expected. Certain factors can influence and even alter your results, especially if:

  • Your weight fluctuates
  • You gain weight in the lower part of the face

It’s best to make sure you are at an ideal weight before Kyeblla treatments and not to gain more than 10 pounds after the treatment to make sure that the results of your Kybella lasts. 

Most patients notice an improvement of about 25 to 30% fat reduction in the treated areas, which you can easily maintain with a healthy diet, drinking plenty of water, and avoiding salty foods to minimize swelling.

Exploring the Longevity of Kybella Results

After you’ve completed the entire course of treatment, it can take six weeks to four to six months for the full results to be visible. Then, once the results of Kybella are seen, you’ll want to maintain the results in the long term. That may include cutting out fatty foods or even undergoing skin tightening or laser treatments to help keep the area from and smooth.

Kybella lasts indefinitely, but there’s always the slim chance that some fullness can reappear due to natural aging, genetics, or weight gain. Even though the amount of fat will never fully remerge after treatment with Kybella, the skin and tissue may become loose. Therefore, you may need periodic touch-ups to address changes over time. Also, if the remaining fat cells expand and store more fat, a full-looking chin may reappear, which can be treated with follow-up injections. Maintaining your weight, monitoring your medication, working out, and making healthy lifestyle choices are essential for upholding the results of Kybella.

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