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With as much emphasis as there is on body positivity and acceptance of all shapes and sizes, there’s no denying society’s scrutiny of body image and portraying one that’s as seemingly close to perfect as possible. And no matter your current figure, solutions and treatments are available to put you one step closer to the body you envision if that’s a priority.


Fat-reducing treatments are part of the equation for improving one's physical appearance. Unfortunately, until recently, the only way to create increased tone and definition was with body-toning workouts and long hours in the gym, plus calorie-restrictive diets.

But this approach is often time-consuming, grueling, and exhausting. And even if you put in countless hours at the gym, there’s no guarantee you’ll be happy with the results.

That’s why more and more patients are turning to Emsculpt Neo as a surefire way to tone their bodies. This popular treatment is safe and effective and produces natural-looking results that will have everyone guessing your secret.

Why a Toned Body is Always In

Nothing is more flattering to the body than a tight abdomen or butt. But getting them can be challenging.

Plastic surgery procedures, like liposculpture, can help create the illusion of more definition, but it comes with serious risks and isn’t a fit for every body type. And while fat-reducing treatments are great for spot-treating stubborn problem areas, they don’t do much, if anything, to improve muscle definition since that’s not their intended goal.

So what’s one to do if they are happy with the overall appearance of their body but want a little more toning effect and don’t want invasive surgery? Non-invasive body toning treatments targeting the muscle are the most effective and practical option.

Besides their unparalleled results, toning treatments remain a consistent go-to because of their ease of use, convenience, and downtime-free factor. Unlike spending hours in the gym and working up a sweat, treatments like Emsculpt Neo allow for quick results with little commitment on your part.

What is Emsculpt Neo?

One of the most popular and effective body toning procedures is Emsculpt Neo.

While the first generation Emsculpt only targeted muscle building, the new and improved Emsculpt Neo also targets pockets of unwanted fat. The advanced technology now encompasses the two most requested body treatments in one.

Emsculpt Neo is a dual-prong muscle toning and fat-reducing treatment that uses unique technology to build muscle where it’s lacking and reduce fat in the same area. Combining these two properties makes the body more toned, tighter, and sculpted without requiring invasive surgical procedures.

Emsculpt Neo combines high-intensity electromagnetic (HIFEM) and radio frequency (RF) energy, unlike other body toning devices. HIFEM stimulates muscle contractions to tighten and tone the abdomen or buttocks. At the same time, RF energy heats fat cells and kills them for the ideal amount of sculpting and a natural-looking physique.

Various parts of the body respond to Emsculpt Neo, making it appropriate for men and women and all body shapes and sizes. While the abdomen and buttocks are the two most popular areas where Emsculpt Neo is performed, it can also be done on the arms and legs.

However, the most significant difference between Emsculpt Neo and other modalities typically used to sculpt and tone the body is that there is no downtime, anesthesia, scarring, or incisions.

How Does Emsculpt Neo Work?

Emsculpt Neo utilizes a unique dual-prong technology, making it highly effective for toning and fat reduction.

The two technologies used in the treatment are HIFEM and RF energy—together, they help to stimulate muscle contraction while reducing fat for a toned look.

HIFEM technology delivers bursts of energy to the treated muscles, forcing them to contract at a much more intense rate and depth than the body can produce. These contractions allow the muscle fibers to grow, which leads to improved muscle tone.

At the same time, RF energy is doing its job of destroying fat cells. Heat is delivered to the fat cells in the area, which disrupts them and naturally eliminates them. The heat also helps to tighten the skin by stimulating collagen production.

Emsculpt Neo uses a special handpiece that simultaneously delivers both HIGEM and RF energy. During the treatment, you’ll feel some slight warmth and a vibrating and buzzing effect followed by a light tapping, which helps flush out any lactic acid buildup. Then, you’ll lay there and let the device work its magic over the 30 minutes.

After a series of treatments, the combination of HIFEM and RF leaves the muscles tighter and the skin firmer for a more sculpted and toned appearance.

How Long Is an Emsculpt Neo Treatment?

Most Emsculpt Neo treatments are about 30 minutes long. There’s no prep work necessary before treatment and no downtime or recovery either.

However, a series of treatments is recommended to see the full results. Of course, your goals and the body part treated are factors into the number of sessions necessary. Most patients undergo four to six treatments once per week. It’s essential to give the body ample time between sessions so muscle fibers can grow and recover. Staying hydrated is also vital in garnering good results.

What Does an Emsculpt Neo Treatment Feel Like?

While Emsculpt Neo isn’t painful or uncomfortable, most patients describe it as a unique and unknown feeling or sensation. There’s a bit of warmth alongside some vibrations and tapping.

As the device contracts the muscles, there’s an intense clenching nearly from head to toe. There may be some pressure and strong contractions, but nothing uncomfortable or unbearable. A tingling and tightening sensation is also often described during the treatment, which occurs from intense muscle contractions.

Both the heat and contraction intensity can be dialed up or down depending on what you find most comfortable and what you are trying to achieve. Most patients want to reap the full benefits of Emsculpt Neo, so they ask for the treatment to be turned up as high as possible.

The energy waves are delivered through large paddles placed directly on the treatment area and strapped into place. You’ll be lying down during the procedure and won’t be able to use a computer or electronic device, so make sure to dress comfortably and settle in for the 30-minute treatment.

After the treatment, the skin may be red, tender, or sore, and feel like you just completed an intense workout. However, this resolves after a day or so, and rarely is any pain relief needed.

Who is it Good For?

Many different body types, shapes, ages, and sexes can benefit from the results of Emsculpt Neo.

So if you are looking for a non-invasive way to get rid of some extra fat while building muscle, this treatment is for you.

It’s important to know that while Emscukplt Neo can improve the body, it is not intended to be a weight loss method. Instead, it’s a body toning procedure for those who want to enhance their shape, appearance, muscle tone, and strength. So even if you are relatively happy with our figure, Emsculpt Neo can still be used.

After pregnancy, women, particularly like Emsculpt Neo, help them regain their pre-baby body and tighten the abdominal muscles while spot-treating stubborn pockets of fat.

Although Emsculpt Neo is ideal for many people, it is not a substitute for a healthy, active lifestyle and following a healthy diet.

What are the Benefits?

There are several benefits of a complete, non-invasive Emsculpt Neo treatment, including:

  • Improved muscle tone and definition
  • Stronger muscles
  • Firmer skin
  • Less flabbiness and fat
  • Relatively fast and very predictable results
  • Versatility in treating multiple areas of the body

How Soon Will I See the Results from Emsculpt Neo?

Every patient experiences a different onset of results with Emsculpt Neo.

Some notice improvement after one treatment, others after two, and plenty need to go through the entire session to see the results.

After four treatments, most patients notice a change in their body composition and shape.

What is The Cost of Emsculpt Neo?

An Emsculpt Neo treatment varies in cost from provider to provider, and those in large cities often charge more.

In addition, the number of sessions needed to obtain your desired results will also influence the overall cost.

To determine the cost of your Emsculpt treatment, call our office to schedule a consultation, where we will put a custom program together to correct your current concerns.

Common FAQs

While the results are long-lasting, they are not permanent. You may see some lost definition at the year mark, but not all patients do. Eating healthy and working out regularly can help maintain the results. And, of course, maintenance sessions are recommended to keep the tone and definition.

No, there is no downtime with the treatment. You can return to your routine and activity immediately following treatment. For example, you can return to working out the next day—just take it easy.

Emsculpt Neo is a safe and effective treatment. There are no side effects, although some patients may notice minor redness, soreness, or swelling in the treated area. 

No, Emsculpt Neo is not painful. It's warm, and there's a feeling of intense muscle contraction, but it is not typically considered painful or uncomfortable.

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