Top 3 Benefits of Body Chemical Peels

Most of us pay far more attention to the skin on our faces, but the skin from the neck on down deserves equal consideration. Sure, it’s far easier to hide discolored, blemished, and aging skin under clothes (you can’t exactly do the same for your face), but that doesn’t mean you should. Body Chemical Peels can solve many of these issues. Learn more about the benefits of body chemical peels!

Chemical peels work wonders for the skin on the face, and they do the same magic trick for the skin on the body, specifically the chest, back, shoulders, arms, and legs. So if you’re considering a body chemical peel, these are the main benefits you’ll want to take note of.

What is a Body Chemical Peel?

No matter where on your body a chemical peel is applied, they all work the same. A unique solution of a blend of acids is layered onto the skin to break up dead skin cell bonds between the uppermost layers of skin, exfoliate the skin, and remove dead skin. The result is a refreshed, smoother and softer appearance with less discoloration and decreased signs of aging.

But here’s where body chemical peels differ from those used on the face: the body versions are more powerful and contain higher concentrations of exfoliating acids, like alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) and beta hydroxy acids (BHAs) because the skin on the body is thicker than that of the face. Because body peels contain higher percentages, they effectively reduce the look of stretch marks, pigmentation, acne scars, sunspots, keratosis pilaris, and even dry skin on the legs, arms, back, chest, and hands. With less dead skin on the surface, your body care products can penetrate more effectively and work to their maximum capacity.

Like chemical peels used on the face that range in intensity, so do those used on the body. Lighter peels work superficially, while deeper ones are better suited for more stubborn discoloration in the deeper layers of skin. Depending on the peel you opt for also determines how many sessions you’ll need to garner the desired results.

The 3 Main Benefits

While there are many benefits to routine body chemical peels, certain benefits stand out amongst others. The most significant benefits of body chemical peels include:

1. Improve skin texture

With less dead skin sitting on the skin’s surface, the skin appears and feels smoother, softer, brighter, and refreshed post-peel. Chemical peels help to increase the rate at which skin cell turnover occurs, which reduces rough, bumpy skin that can be dulling your body. They work to improve uneven texture by lifting away dead skin cells. Plus, as the peel helps create new collagen, the skin emerges smoother, softer, more plump, and more resilient.

Rough, bumpy skin, a.k.a. keratosis pilaris, which tends to occur on the arms and thighs, can also be improved with body peels. As a body chemical peel exfoliates the skin, it smoothes out the skin’s texture. Sometimes, a mixture of exfoliating acids is best to tackle multiple skin-related issues.

2. Fewer body breakouts

Treating body acne can be frustrating since large amounts of medication must be used, and the results are usually not instant. But with acne on the chest, back, and shoulders, body peels, especially if they contain salicylic acid, are easy ways to clear up acne and penetrate the pores deeper to reduce future breakouts.

3. Brighter-looking skin

The skin on the body can become discolored and pigmented, just like the skin on the face. A chemical peel can make a profound difference when hard-to-erase discoloration is an issue. Chemical peels remove the outermost layer of dead skin cells, where excess melanin lives and can contribute to hyperpigmentation. Exfoliating this layer of skin reveals fresher, healthier skin underneath, which is more evenly toned since it has not been exposed to the sun and the environment. Some chemical peels can even help inhibit the production of melanin.

At Charette Cosmetics, the most popular chemical body peels that we offer are:


The Level I chemical peel is a gentle yet powerful medical-grade peel for the body. This peel can improve body acne and acne scarring, fine lines and wrinkles, age and sun spots, hyperpigmentation, oil balancing, and overall skin health.

Commonly used acids include lactic and citric for light exfoliation, glycolic to treat wrinkles and minimal hyperpigmentation, salicylic acid for acne, and TCA for more prominent pigment and signs of aging.

A level 1 chemical peel works to improve mild-to-moderate skin imperfections. This superficial peel is beneficial for enhancing collagen production and epidermal thickening. While it can help improve the appearance of discoloration, hyperpigmentation, and acne scarring, it’s not as intense of a peel. However, the full results aren’t often seen until three or six peel treatments, whereas it’s one treatment with MelanX. In addition, there’s less peeling time but not as much pigment or discoloration lofted and dead skin off the surface.


Our Level II MelanX chemical peel is a more powerful and intense medical-grade peel for treating dark spots, acne scarring, sun spots, hyperpigmentation, fine lines, and wrinkles.
This kit comes with a 20-25 day post-care skincare regimen, including a prescription-strength brightening cream, retinol serum, a soothing balm, and a facial cleanser. Please keep in mind that you must wear a red mask for 12 hours, so plan time accordingly.

MelanX works to polish the skin and lift away pigmentation so the skin is more even. The treatment will reveal your skin’s natural tone and radiant, fresh new skin. Performed either in-office or at home, MelanX speeds up the rate at which the skin naturally sheds to effectively remove unwanted pigment from the skin. Besides evening out the complexion, the MelanX peel also works wonders for smoothing the skin’s texture by lifting away dead skin cells that can clog the pores and mar your skin’s appearance.

For smaller areas like the elbows, lower back, top of feet, knees, back of hands, lower arms, upper arms, underarms, and décolleté, we typically use the MelanX chemical peel. For larger areas of the body, like the back, chest and décolleté, shoulders, abdomen, upper leg, lower leg, or entire arm, we can also use the MelanX chemical peel.

To treat the entire body, we recommend our level 1 chemical peel, which is effective for lightening up discoloration and improving other skin issues without compromising the integrity of the skin overall.

The Results

With a body chemical peel, the results can take time to be seen depending on the type of peel, the area being treated, and the end goal you are after. Smoother skin usually can be noticed after one or two treatments, but if you want to brighten stubborn pigmentation or soften fine lines and wrinkles, a deeper peel may be necessary (and it may need to be repeated). The skin on the body heals differently than on the face, so it is best to be patient, and the results will come. Once you notice improvement in the skin on your body, you’ll be so happy with it!

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