The Top 3 Questions About Brazilian Laser Hair Removal


Unwanted hair may be the bane of your existence, but just because it exists on your face, body, or elsewhere doesn’t mean you need to live with it. Laser hair removal is hands down the most effective solution for banishing excess hair once and for all. And now that laser hair removal is a mainstream body treatment, there’s no reason why you can’t up the ante and get rid of hair on your most intimate parts, too. And that’s where Brazilian laser hair removal comes into play.

The basics of Brazilian laser hair removal are similar to traditional laser hair removal, but there’s still a lot to know about this version. Here are the top 3 questions about Brazilian laser hair removal—and everything else you need to know.

Brazilian Laser Hair Removal Basics

Want to put an end to Brazilian waxing and shaving? Then look no further than Brazilian laser hair removal, a permanent way to eliminate unwanted hair. Rather than constantly dealing with razor bumps, ingrown hair, nicks and cuts, and other annoyances that come with body hair, Brazilian laser hair removal will give you the baby soft, smooth skin you desire.

If you’re tired of booking and paying for monthly waxing appointments, Brazilian laser hair removal puts all of that aside. Once the full treatments are complete, there’s no need to worry about a stray hair ruining your beachside bikini selfie. Plus, you’ll stay fuzz-free for years. Brazilian laser hair removal is pretty fast and precise, plus it’s not as painful as you may expect.

So how does it all work? First, a specific wavelength is needed to target melanin (pigment in the hair that gives it its color) and remove the hair with a laser. Once the laser hits the melanin at a certain depth, the pigment in the hair absorbs the energy in the light, and the hair bulb stops producing hair. To effectively eliminate the hair growth process so that your bikini area is entirely hair free, you’ll want to discuss your skin tone and ethnicity with your aesthetician during a consultation. This way, your provider can fully understand any undertones in the skin that require special attention.

1. Does Brazilian laser hair removal hurt?

Brazilian laser hair removal doesn’t hurt any more than laser hair removal on other parts of the body or the face. Most patients say the treatment feels like a rubber band snapping on the skin. Remember that each appointment (you’ll probably need at least five if not more) is relatively quick and can be completed in about 30 minutes from start to finish.

We use a handheld device that features a sapphire cooling tip during Brazilian laser hair removal procedures at Charette Cosmetics. This specialized tip glides over the treatment area for added comfort. The laser energy is also delivered directly to the hair follicle to prevent future growth while safely yet effectively causing active hair follicles to stop growing. We also use the Motus device, which utilizes Moveo technology. This unique technology does not require additional numbing creams and products. The Motus device is painless, effective, and even works faster than traditional laser removal hair devices. It’s also suitable for light and fine hair, making it a beneficial treatment for all hair and skin tones.

2. Is there anything I need to do to prepare for Brazilian laser hair removal? What about post-care treatment?

The nice thing about Brazilian laser hair removal is that it’s pretty effortless on your part, and there’s not much to do to prep for it other than avoid drinking alcohol the night before and a quick shave the day or two before your session. Shaving allows for a reduced risk of damage to the skin by the laser, which is super important. You’ll also want to avoid using self-tanners or getting the treatment area tan before your session, which can trick the laser into thinking the skin is darker than it is and may impede your results. And on the day of your appointment, arrive with clean, product-free skin. That means no lotions, creams, fragranced cleansers, or soaps on the skin. Of course, we will review all of this with you during your consultation.

About 5-10 days after treatment, the treated hairs in the treated area will start to shed, and you may even find them on the floor of your shower or in your underwear or pants (totally normal!). The shedding process means that the treated hair follicles are purging the hair from the shaft, signaling that the treatment is working. As hair re-growth decreases over time and with repeated treatment, there will be less visible hair.

Regarding post-care, staying out of the sun at all costs is essential. Exposing the Brazilian bikini line area (or any just-lasered area of skin for that matter) to the sun can produce excessive heat within the skin, leading to discoloration, burning, scars, and unwanted pigmentation. The same goes for artificial tanning beds, too—avoid them for at least a few weeks after each session to keep the skin healthy and intact.

3. How long will the results last?

Everyone is different, and Brazilian laser hair removal results may last longer for some patients than others. Some patients start to see results after the first treatment, while others don’t see a change in hair growth until further into treatment. You can expect to stay smooth and hair-free for a few years. However, to achieve optimal hair removal, it’s essential to follow through with the entire course of treatments (this can take up to six months with a session every four weeks or so). This way, your aesthetician can eliminate all actively growing hairs.

You may need touch-up treatments every year since some hairs may not be fully eradicated during the treatments. With so many hairs in the area, it can be hard to treat every single actively growing hair, especially since many may be in the resting phase during treatment). With each session, the hair will grow thinner, lighter, and finer until the hairs seemingly stop growing altogether.

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