The Top 3 Areas for Laser Hair Removal


Laser hair removal, which has been around for nearly 30 years, remains the gold standard for removing hair in areas where you don’t want it. This tried-and-true, ever-popular treatment isn’t falling to the wayside anytime soon simply because it’s safe and the most effective and maintenance-free way of getting rid of facial and body hair.

But just because there’s a patch of peach fuzz or more coarse hair on your body doesn’t necessarily mean to go full-steam ahead and zap it away. For example, you should avoid certain areas, like around the eyes. But there are plenty of other places on the face and body where this popular hair-reducing procedure works exceptionally well.

No matter where on your body you choose to have laser hair removal, the process is the same from head to toe. The treatment uses pulses of light emitted from a handpiece and sends them deep into the hair follicle. There, the pigment in the follicles absorbs the light, stunting the hair from growing by destroying it.

Here are the top 3 areas for laser hair removal—keep in mind that the larger the area, the higher the price—and everything else you need to know about the treatment.

The Bikini

One of the most popular areas for women to do laser hair removal is their bikini line. This is because many laser hair removal patients choose to focus on one area that’s cumbersome to maintain yet has a smaller amount of hair, which helps keep the price of the treatment manageable as well as the time you’ll need to devote to it. But the bikini area is already naturally sensitive, so you’ll want to ensure your provider numbs it well.

Different patients have different requests and goals. Some women want to remove the hair at the outer corners of where their underwear hits. Others like the full Monty and remove even more hair that’s not visible when wearing a bathing suit or underwear. The hair that grows on the thighs and above the top of the underwear line is often treated, too.

For the best results, we recommend patients lasering their bikini area come to each appointment with the area shaved at least 24 hours beforehand. It’s also normal for the just-treated area to be red and bumpy following laser hair removal. This will subside after a few days.

It’s best to book and start your laser hair removal treatments about six months before you want to be hair-free for the summer.

The Underarms

Laser hair removal works on a bevy of different areas, yet the underarms continually rank as one of the most preferred treatment areas. While zapping away unwanted hairs over multiple sessions can be uncomfortable, most patients feel the results are worth it.

The treatment works exceptionally well for unwanted and inconvenient underarm hair. Plus, since you won’t have to shave again, there’s no need to worry about that dark shadow in the armpits that many of us suffer from as new hairs grow. The treatment will leave the skin under your arms soft and smooth permanently.

Once the hair follicles are destroyed, they won’t grow new hairs, so the area will be smooth. Although, there may be a rogue hair that pops up simply because not every hair in the region grows at the same rate. That’s also why multiple sessions (about three to four, on average) are needed. But, overall, there will be fewer underarm hairs and improved skin texture, too.

Lower Legs

Larger areas, like the lower legs, reign supreme for laser hair removal because the treatment cuts down on time. Rather than shaving your legs every few days, you can put that time to better use when the hair is permanently lasered away. Shaving and waxing require constant upkeep, not to mention the nicks and ingrown they can cause. On the other hand, laser hair removal leaves the skin fuzz-free and destroys the follicle, so you’ll never be left looking for a razor last minute before heading out in your cutest shorts.

With less hair to worry about on the legs, there’s also less risk for shaving-related cuts, rashes, ingrown, and scrapes. Not only does laser hair removal do away with the burden of constantly having to shave the legs, but it also leaves the legs feeling silky, soft, and smooth. When treating the lower legs, the area down the knee to the ankle is targeted.

Before each treatment, you’ll want to ensure you arrive at your appointment with freshly shaved legs. This way, the laser can pick up the hair in the follicle and eliminate it effectively.

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