The Easiest & Most Effective Hair Restoration Treatment In 2023

It’s no surprise that platelet-rich plasma, commonly known as PRP (either with or without microneedling), has become a mainstay hair rejuvenator. What started as a joint and wound healing medical treatment has emerged as 2023’s best hair restoration treatment, and for a good reason, too.

PRP has amassed quite the following in the last few years as it rose (and continues) to aesthetic stardom. Hair loss PRP treatments rely on a blood plasma-based protein solution packed with platelets, some white blood cells, and growth factors. Extracting the PRP from a patient’s blood allows the growth factors to assist in healing and rejuvenation.

How Does PRP Work for Thinning Hair?

PRP for thinning hair uses the same principles as any other PRP procedure, no matter where it is performed on the face or body. The first step in treating hair loss with PRP is to draw blood from the patient’s arm and put it into a centrifuge that spins it to separate the platelets from everything else in the blood. The centrifuge portion of the treatment is vital since the concentration of platelets can vary greatly and impact the overall results.

Next comes the second step of PRP for thinning hair. For PRP hair injections to become activated, an injury must be created. PRP hair injections physically inject the matrix into the scalp, allowing growth factors to go to work. Within the PRP solution are unique growth factors that help regenerate the scalp and heal injured tissues. The platelets also aid in combating thinning hair and hair loss by jumpstarting the hair growth process, especially if the hairs are currently in the resting phase.

Can PRP Help With Hair Thinning?

Hair loss PRP treatments are becoming a go-to solution for regaining what you’ve lost. Hair restoration PRP uses platelets that contain growth factors, which are spun down from a patient’s blood to stimulate hair growth and make the hair follicles more viable to slow down the effects of hair loss.

PRP hair injections help thinning hair and hair loss by stimulating cellular growth and inciting new blood vessel formation in the scalp to reduce the miniaturization process.
Many experts in the medical community believe that a hair loss treatment that utilizes PRP hair injection triggers natural hair growth by increasing blood supply to the hair follicle, increasing the hair shaft’s thickness.

How Many Injections Of PRP Do I Need For Hair Restoration?

Most patients require a series of PRP hair injections. On average, about three sessions one month apart are recommended, but we always recommend a full consultation to determine how many injection rounds will benefit you most. From there, annual maintenance treatments may be recommended. Naturally, the results vary from patient to patient, but most notice increased hair quality, texture, pigment, scalp coverage, and less hair shedding. Additional at-home therapies may be recommended to make the most of the treatment.

To ensure the best results, consistency is key. Following a protocol specific to you by your provider is critical in seeing results, which most patients notice within the first two to three months.

Who Is Hair Restoration With PRP Best For?

First, determining that you are a good candidate for hair restoration PRP is critical in obtaining noticeable results and improvement in the hair. Patients experiencing mild to moderate hair loss tend to benefit most from PRP hair injection. More severe hair loss may need to consider other options. Keep in mind that hair treatment PRP is not typically effective on those experiencing balding. PRP hair injections are also often recommended as a solution for those experiencing androgenic alopecia, a thinning commonly occurring along the top of the head and resulting in a widening part.

Where Can I Get PRP For Hair Restoration in Atlanta?

If you’ve been Googling “PRP hair restoration near me” and wondering who to go to for the treatment, we’ve got you covered. Charette Cosmetics is the most well-known and respected provider of PRP hair restoration Atlanta. Our patients experience dramatic, noticeable results that often have them referring their friends and family.

Are There Any Risks Involved With Hair Restoration Treatment With PRP?

Hair loss PRP treatments are generally safe and well-tolerated treatment. Mostly, there are no significant risks associated with PRP hair injection. To make the procedure a little more comfortable, topical numbing creams, cool air, or ice packs can reduce any pain. However, some patients may experience mild bruising after a session, which usually resolves within a week or two.

The benefit of PRP hair injections is that there’s essentially no downtime. However, you’ll likely be advised to skip shampooing and conditioning your hair for a day or two to let the treatment penetrate as best as possible.

How Long Does It Take To See The Results From PRP Hair Injections?

While every patient is different depending on their degree of hair thinning or hair loss, most see an increase in the thickness of the hair and the amount of hair after the first few months, with optimal results peeking around months five to seven. Maintenance results are often recommended to help withhold the effects seen.

It’s important to know that Hair loss PRP treatments provide long-lasting improvement but are not considered a permanent option like a hair transplant. Instead, the results of a PRP injection treatment largely depend on how each patient responds to it, the degree of their hair loss, and any underlying health condition that may contribute to hair loss and hair thinning.

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