The Complete Guide to Medi Spas for Men


Women aren’t the only ones booking regular appointments at medi spas and spending upwards of thousands of dollars per year on the skin- and age-rejuvenating treatments from head to toe. Men are also getting in on the practice and slowly beginning to dip their toes into skin care, body care, and aesthetics. Data shows that men desire healthy skin just as much as women. Medi Spas for men are a growing market and here’s why. 

Men are eager patients, fueled by innovations and the science behind treatments. Currently, there’s a boom in medispa services performed on men and a modern-day acceptability of taking care of yourself.

Today’s male patients visit medi spas for men and seek a variety of quick yet effective solutions for their hair, skin, and body concerns. With less demand for invasive options, treatments available at a medi spa for men make for an easy way to achieve your goals. According to recent statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), these are the most popular treatments men are partaking in today while still garnering results that allow them to look refreshed, masculine, and like themselves.

1. Botox

Crow’s feet and wrinkles between the eyebrows and along the forehead can be bothersome for men. Luckily, injectables are effective for minimizing wrinkles and smoothing the skin. Botox is synonymous with erasing wrinkles and smoothing the skin. It uses an FDA-approved toxin to reduce unwanted lines and wrinkles for a few months. Men often require more units of Botox than women. That’s because men have more muscle mass in their foreheads and brows than women and require a larger dose of Botox to smooth out lines and wrinkles and create a relaxed yet natural appearance. Whether you use Botox to erase expression-related wrinkles and lines or wish to prevent them from forming, popular Botox works for nearly everyone, regardless of skin tone and type. The quick procedure is also a popular entry-level treatment and offers dramatic results with no recovery and minimal risk.

2. Laser hair removal

The areas where men desire less hair may differ from where women want to be fuzz-free, but men still want smooth skin. Laser hair removal targets the hair at the root via a laser to permanently destroy the hair and prevent future growth. Popular treatment areas include the back, neck, and chest. The treatment requires several sessions to eradicate the hair. Thanks to recent advances in science and technology, our laser hair removal devices work on almost all skin colors and types. The procedure can be used on multiple parts of the body and face–pretty much anywhere where unwanted hair is a contender for the treatment. Laser hair removal is a common procedure performed at medi spas for men. 

3. Chemical peels

There’s nothing quite like the power of a good chemical peel. This tried-and-true skin rejuvenating treatment is a quick and effective way to smooth the skin’s texture and tone via a simple exfoliation process. Acids are the primary peeling agents used in professionally-administered peels that accelerate the rate at which the skin sheds. Gently and safely peeling away the uppermost layers of dead skin with a chemical peel results in healthier, smoother, brighter, and more radiant skin. A peel also improves the skin’s texture and can correct discoloration. There are various peels available based on the ingredients used. Some chemical peels work on a superficial level, while others penetrate deeper into the skin. Certain chemical peels exfoliate more than others, so keep that in mind when deciding on the correct peel for your skin. The best chemical peel depends on the desired effect, skin tone, and current skin concerns.

4. Fillers

Injectable fillers, also known as dermal fillers, are among the most popular age-reversing and volume-enhancing treatments. But, if you think about it, it’s pretty phenomenal that a few injections of these dermal fillers can plump up limp lips, reinstate the cheekbones, and turn back the hands of time. Appropriately injecting them allows deflated facial features to improve. If fine lines, wrinkles, and a loss of volume bother you, dermal fillers and injectables provide the solution for quick correction. Hyaluronic acid fillers are the most popular fillers used. They are more temporary but have minimal side effects yet noticeable results. They also fill in lines and wrinkles and add volume to aging facial features. The primary benefit of dermal fillers is restoring volume and fullness in the face. With age, the deep fat layers of the face begin to diminish, which causes the fact to look sunken, hollow, or flat. But fillers restore a natural fullness to the face. This is a popular treatment in medi spas for men. 

Fillers can also be used for facial masculinization, a non-surgical treatment that enhances and sculpts the cheeks, chin, and jaw to create a more square facial shape for a more masculine appearance. Injections can treat undefined and weak chins, jawlines, temples, cheeks, and lips so they’re enhanced and defined.

Other popular treatments include:

  • Non-surgical body contouring: These days, it’s all about non-invasive body sculpting options to get you one step closer to the body of your dreams. What used to take months, if not years, of time and energy in the gym can now be accomplished with a few sessions of a simple body sculpting treatment like Physiq Body Sculpting, the newest advancement in body contouring that reduces fat and defines muscle. Modern aesthetic treatment is safe, fast, and effective. Unlike other fat-reducing and muscle-enhancing treatments, PHYSIQ uses a specialized technology known as Sequential Thermal and Electrical Pulse (STEP), which is exclusive to the device. The STEP technology allows heat and muscle stimulation to alternate throughout the treatment to create optimal results—deep heat and electrical muscle stimulation tones the treatment area in 30 minutes. The downtime-free treatment uses different modalities to treat a variety of areas of the body for noticeable results over time.
  • Lasers: Lasers are one of the most heralded treatments in medi spas for men for their ability to rejuvenate, refresh, retexturize the skin and improve its tone. Various lasers exist depending on the issues, their severity, your budget, and how much downtime you can afford.
  • CO2 Laser Skin Resurfacing: It’s no secret that our skin changes with age. That once firm complexion may now be sporting sun damage, fine lines and wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, and less-than-taut skin. While the skin-rejuvenating options run the gamut from less invasive solutions to more invasive ones, nothing compares to the rejuvenating and skin-refreshing power of CO2 laser skin resurfacing treatment. CO2 laser skin resurfacing addresses a handful of age- and skin-related changes to revert the skin to its original and more youthful glow by eliminating spots, discoloration, textural changes, and minimal looseness in the skin. Often used alongside other rejuvenation procedures, a CO2 laser skin resurfacing treatment is one of the most commonly performed.
  • Laser tattoo removal: If you have major regrets about that tattoo on your body, you can erase it, so it’s gone for good. Laser tattoo removal can help achieve clear, tattoo-free skin. Compared to tattoo removal techniques of yesteryear, the modern-day versions are fast, effective, and better equipped to remove more pigment from the skin than ever before. But before you have your practitioner zapping away at the tattoo, you can’t bear to look at it anymore, and there’s a lot to know and understand about the treatment. Regardless of the tattoo laser’s brand name, the principle of action is the same from one to the next: to break down the pigments and naturally expel them from the body. The device we use sends out superfast pulses of energy to quickly and efficiently break down tattoo pigment so your body’s natural detoxification system can remove it from the body. This process works on traditional tattoos as well as “ghost tattoos.”
  • Penis enlargement: Is bigger always better? For some men, yes. And while there’s a common misconception that only women are interested in enhancing and augmenting their bodies, it turns out that men want to change things too. While no standard size dictates what ‘well-endowed’ means, a quick fix with dermal fillers can dramatically improve penis size and girth. Penis enlargement is a treatment that enhances the girth, size, and appearance of the penis. Penis enlargement with dermal fillers is a simple, straightforward procedure. It’s also the safest option that men currently have. Injecting the penis with hyaluronic acid fillers adds girth to the penis by filling it in. Injectable fillers can also add some weight to the penis, making it appear longer. Some patients experience more of a lengthening effect than others, depending on the number of syringes injected. Only a hyaluronic acid filler is appropriate since it is reversible (most patients are happy with their results). Men who undergo penis enlargement with dermal fillers are generally satisfied with the increase in girth and length. In addition, they notice a boost in self-esteem and self-confidence and feel more comfortable in their skin and with their partners.
  • Hair restoration: Every day should be a good hair day. But when thinning hair and hair loss become what you predominately see in the mirror, even the best hair days can instantly turn for the worst. So rather than accepting and living with changes to your hair’s thickness, length, and fullness, you can do something about it and get back your crowning glory. PRP hair restoration is a non-surgical three-step treatment that improves the hair’s health so it grows thicker, stronger, and faster to fill in thinning areas and sparse patches. PRP uses blood drawn from you and spun down to extract the plasma. Injecting PRP into the scalp allows powerful growth factors to increase the hair follicle’s blood supply and the thickness of the hair shaft. PRP acts like an amplifier to wake up dormant hair follicles and stimulate the hair’s natural growth cycle. By encouraging the hair follicles to function as intended, the hair begins to grow faster and thicker. In addition to stimulating hair growth, PRP injections help improve the scalp’s health by encouraging healthy blood flow and increased circulation. When the scalp is optimally healthy, it creates a better breeding ground for healthy hair. With PRP hair restoration, you’ll notice an improvement in thinning areas and bald spots.
  • Kybella: Get ready to say goodbye to your double chin and hello to a tight, sculpted, defined jawline and chin from Kybella. One of the unfortunate effects of aging is that with time, the sharp contours of the lower face are slowly replaced with pockets of hard-to-get-rid-of fat, especially under the chin. A few injections of Kybella can reduce the amount of fat under the chin and along the jawline to permanently destroy fat in these areas and reinstate a youthful and perfectly contoured jawline. Kybella is the only FDA-approved injectable treatment that destroys fat cells in the area under the chin to improve your profile.
  • Facials: Great skin starts with a facial, which is the cornerstone of a well-rounded routine. Many men now recognize the benefits of regular facials for improving the health, feel, and appearance of their skin to delay the effects of aging. Facials are also beneficial in alleviating acne and clogged pores, and other skin imperfections. We offer a wide array of facials, including:
  • Carbon Laser Facial: A quick, easy, and painless two-part treatment that helps improve the skin in multiple ways. While it works exceptionally well to control oily skin, the facial does much more. The facial also treats breakouts, discoloration, and sun damage and brightens the skin.
  • Celebrity Laser Facial: The Celebrity Laser Facial uses the Laser Genesis machine for a specialized facial that relies on a laser to gently and safely heat the skin to stimulate collagen production and new skin cells for a healthy, youthful glow. Laser Genesis is non-invasive and non-ablative, meaning there’s no recovery or downtime. The quick procedure can improve the skin’s texture and tone and reduce the appearance of common signs of aging, like wrinkles, fine lines, and dark spots. It also helps with scarring, large pores, and redness and can even improve the appearance of broken blood vessels. The treatment is effective on all skin tones and types that want to improve the appearance of their skin.
  • Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP): PRP is a regenerating and rejuvenating treatment for the skin. It involves drawing a sample of a patient’s blood and separating the plasma from everything else. The plasma is the most valuable part of the blood for regeneration. These components are essential for the skin’s natural healing processes. PRP effects are further amplified using the matrix with microneedling or laser treatments.
  • Diamond Glow Facial: The Diamond Glow Facial is a general dermabrasion treatment that safely and gently removes the uppermost layer of skin to deliver topical supercharged serums into the skin. It deeply cleans and rejuvenates the skin.
  • Gold Infusion Facial: A Gold Infusion Facial is a unique treatment that utilizes tiny gold-plated needles in a handheld stamper to deliver a blend of nourishing and hydrating ingredients and wrinkle reducers into the skin. Some treatment versions use Botox, too, while others create a custom cocktail. You can expect your Gold Infusion Facial to include hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, Botox, hydrating agents, and peptides.
  • Microneedling: Microneedling is a professionally-administered skin-rejuvenating procedure that improves collagen for healthier, better-looking skin. The skin repairs itself to improve conditions like scars, wrinkles and lines, and sun-damaged skin by jumpstarting the collagen-producing process. Microneedling uses tiny stainless steel needles rolled or stamped onto the skin to create micro-injuries (safe, controlled injuries that incite the skin’s healing process).
  • Morpheus8: Morpheus8 is a safe and effective minimally-invasive RF fractional device that works on multiple areas of the body. It uses a combination of radiofrequency and microneedling to reduce fat, stimulate collagen, and tighten the skin. The non-surgical tightening solution is FDA cleared to deliver energy at its treatment depth, allowing it to treat deeper than other procedures.
  • RF microneedling: RF microneedling is a dual-prong approach to improving the skin. Together, the two components create new collagen. Microneedling works by safely and gently piercing the skin with sterile needles, simultaneously delivering radiofrequency energy. The heat from the RF energy makes a micro-injury that signals the body to turn on its natural healing responses. As the skin begins to heal, it becomes thicker, firmer, and younger-looking.
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