PHYSIQ Body Sculpting vs AirSculpt

Stubborn fat may be the bane of your existence, but it doesn’t have to be. With more options available today than ever, the solutions offered to get rid of hard-to-remove fat are more effective—and even permanent—than the first generation of treatment options. But with more choices to choose from today, selecting the appropriate procedure can seem like a daunting task. Two popular options are PHYSIQ or AirSculpt, and both have their pros and cons. 

If it seems like everyone is on the quest for a more sculpted body with less fat and improved contour, that’s because most people are. While various factors can influence why and how we gain weight, getting rid of it is sometimes easier than putting it on, especially when a specialized procedure is involved.

Two treatments that many patients consider are AirSculpt and PHYSIQ Body Sculpting. Both work to achieve the same goal of sculpting the body via fat removal. But the two procedures work differently, and where AirSculpt focuses just on fat, PHYSIQ provides several benefits, making it a more comprehensive treatment.

Ahead, we break down the difference between the two treatments so you can determine the best solution for you.

What is AirSculpt?

AirSculpt is technically a form of liposuction and is a fat-removal procedure that uses power-assisted liposuction to suck out fat cells along with a laser probe. The laser liquefies the fat before it’s removed and helps somewhat tighten the skin. Liposuction is a long-standing, permanent way to reduce fat in the body and is practiced worldwide. Traditionally, liposuction involves going under anesthesia. It also involves an aggressive suctioning technique that uses a cannula to remove fat.

AirSculpt is different because it is less invasive than standard liposuction (considered a minimally invasive procedure) and doesn’t necessitate anesthesia. Patients are awake during the entire procedure, which helps create a customized and smooth result since you can communicate with your doctor throughout the process. It also doesn’t require excessive, long incisions to be made like with liposuction. Instead, barely visible entry points (about the size of a pinhead, which can scar) are made in the areas where fat is removed. Of course, whatever fat is removed can be transplanted and grafted to other places, too.

Instead of relying on suction, AirSculpt uses a special laser to disrupt the fat cells. So while it technically is a form of liposuction, it selectively targets areas of fat with suction and a laser. Together, this approach creates more definition in areas with underlying muscle, not just fat, like the abdomen.

Regardless, AirSculpt is more invasive than nonsurgical procedures. And it does come with a recovery period which is nothing to take lightly.

What is PHYSIQ?

PHYSIQ Body Sculpting is a groundbreaking advancement in body contouring that reduces fat while defining muscle. The Italian-designed device is a cutting-edge, modern-day aesthetic treatment that is safe, fast, and effective. A single non-invasive treatment addresses fat reduction and muscle stimulation to bring you closer to the body of your dreams.
Unlike other fat-reducing and muscle-enhancing treatments, PHYSIQ is different. It uses a specialized technology, Sequential Thermal and Electrical Pulse (STEP), exclusive to the device. The STEP technology allows heat and muscle stimulation to alternate throughout the treatment to create optimal results.

PHYSIQ uses a combination of deep heat and electrical muscle stimulation to tone the treatment area in 30 minutes. The downtime-free treatment uses different modalities to treat a variety of areas of the body for noticeable results over time.
The treatment is comfortable thanks to applicators with a cooling feature within them. As a result, there’s no stinging, burning, zapping, freezing, or intense heat feeling during a session of PHYSIQ.

The PHYSIQ machine features four applicators that allow the muscle-building and fat-reducing technology to reach the optimal wavelength for absorption into body fat. Each applicator emits the energy at a 120-degree angle, giving a large coverage area while targeting the underlying tissue. The benefit of the multiple applicators lets multiple locations be treated faster than usual with no downtime or recovery period.

STEP technology, the primary technology used in PHYSIQ treatments, consists of electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) and a superluminescent diode matrix (SDM) delivered to the body from a single applicator. Various energy modalities allow for maximum results and minimize treatment time.

PHYSIQ is a personalized treatment for various body parts, including smaller ones. Some of the more popular treatment areas include:

  • The glutes
  • The inner and outer thighs
  • The abs
  • The hips and flanks
  • The back
  • The arms

You can also take a mix-and-match approach and use PHYSIQ to target specific areas, meaning the treatment is not limited to improving just one site. Many patients like to address several areas when opting for PHYSIQ.

PHYSIQ decreases fat in stubborn areas and increases muscle tone, which are the main benefits of the treatment. The treatments are also painless and downtime-free, a big plus for patients.

PHYSIQ targets fat and muscle in a single treatment, whereas other body sculpting devices only hone in one or the other. As a result, the results are always natural-looking and complementary to the body for a proportional look.

The results from a complete PHYSIQ treatment package are long-lasting. Therefore, it’s essential to maintain your results with a healthy diet and proper exercise. If you want to boost your results, you can always choose to repeat the treatment in the future.

PHYSIQ is comfortable with no pain. During a PHYSIQ session, the skin quickly reaches a temperature that allows for fat reduction without getting too hot or burning the skin. It also prevents spikes because of a simultaneous cooling function.

First, your provider will apply the applicators to the skin with a gel pad. A comfortable elastic band helps hold the applicators in place, so they don’t shift during the treatment. Then, the device is turned on, and patients can relax while PHYSIQ does the work.

You may feel minimal warmth during the treatment, but it should not be uncomfortable.

Patients can also control their energy and comfort levels with a simple control button.

No, there is no downtime with PHYSIQ. Following a session, you can go about your day. However, it’s best to stay well hydrated and avoid extreme temperatures (hot and cold) for three days after each treatment.

The Similarities

  • Both target unwanted fat, but PHYSIQ also.
  • Both don’t require the use of anesthesia.
  • You can use both treatments on the abdomen, thighs, hips, arms, and buttocks.
  • You can use both options post-surgery to fine-tune the results or to eliminate extra fat that still exists.
  • Neither treatment is intended for weight loss but instead rather body contouring.

The Differences

  • AirSculpt is minimally invasive. PHYSIQ is non-invasive.
  • AirSculpt requires a small freckle-sized opening to be made to eliminate fat. PHYSIQ doesn’t necessitate the use of any openings, cuts, or incisions at all.
  • AirSculpt is a variation of liposuction that often requires an oral sedative to relax patients. PHYSIQ uses energy to destroy the fat and doesn’t need any medication to relax patients during the procedure.
  • AirSculpt requires a few days of downtime. There’s no downtime or recovery with PHYSIQ.
  • After AirSculpt, you’ll be sent home in a compression garment that needs to be worn for a few weeks. There are no special post-treatment instructions or need to wear compression garments following PHYSIQ.
  • Post-treatment swelling is typical with AirSculpt but not PHYSIQ.
  • The price of AirSculpt is drastically higher than PHYSIQ.
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