Physiq Body Contouring vs. Emsculpt


You squat, lunge, plank, and even crunch your way to a better body. The gym may be the go-to for getting trimmer, tighter, and more toned, but what if you could maximize those results with a procedure that does the work for you? What if there was a way to spend less time in the gym yet be one step closer to the body of your dreams? It’s possible thanks to super popular non-invasive body contouring treatments. These quick procedures (think 30 minutes) can do everything from stimulating muscles, tightening the body, and eliminating pockets of stubborn fat. While it can be difficult when deciding whether to choose Physiq or Emsculpt there are some key things to consider when looking at options that reduce body fat. 

But not every device offers the whole gamut of body-boosting benefits; some are better equipped to do more for you than others. That’s why it’s essential to understand which devices offer what and choose the proper treatment for your body. So, we’re doing the work for you and putting two of the most popular non-invasive body sculpting treatments–Physiq Body Contouring and Emsculpt–head to head. You’ll be surprised by what you learn and how they are different.

What is Physiq Body Contouring?

There are so many devices out there that promise to stimulate muscle and lean you out. Physiq Body Contouring is the most comprehensive machine since it not only tones the muscle but also eliminates pockets of stubborn fat. In addition, each 30-minute treatment (you’ll need a series to achieve the desired results) is painless and requires no downtime, so there’s no need to take time out of your busy schedule to recover.

What sets Physiq apart is its multi-modality system. It can deliver three different types of energy during the treatment for the best possible result. Physiq utilizes electric muscle stimulation (EMS), deep heat, or sequential thermal and electrical pulse (STEP) while alternating between heat and muscle stimulation. By stimulating the muscles through forced contractions, you can get the maximum stimulation out of the treatment (it’s way more than what you can do on your own at the gym). The muscle stimulation portion of the treatment also helps to re-educate the muscles, even the smaller muscle groups that are the hardest to tone. As a result, Physiq allows for the best possible results while toning up trouble spots and getting rid of fat in those areas.

Even after you’ve completed the entire course of Physiq treatments, the results continue to improve. Most patients need anywhere from three to five sessions, depending on their goals.

How is it like Emsculpt?

Physiq and Emsculpt both increase muscle stimulation through a series of forced contractions. Over several treatment sessions, these forced contractions are the equivalent of doing thousands of crunches or squats in the gym (depending on the area you ultimately treat) for improved definition. While both treatments can enhance the abdominal area and butt, Physiq goes one step further by eliminating fat. Plus, Physiq’s specially designed applicators allow several body regions to be successfully treated, including the thighs and arms, in addition to the abs and glutes.

Since both treatments stimulate the muscles to contract through independent technologies, you will feel an intense tightening of the muscles during the treatments. It’s not painful or uncomfortable but rather an odd sensation. Since Physiq couples heat with STEP technology, there is an added component of sensation with the treatment, but it’s comfortable and not too hot. Of course, it’s all about making the patients as safe and comfortable as possible, and the heat can easily be dialed up or down, depending on your tolerance level.

How is it different from Emsculpt?

Hands down, the most significant distinguishing factor between Physiq and Emsculpt is that Physiq focuses on improving muscle definition and eliminating fat while Emsculpt only targets the muscle. For the best results possible, it’s essential to melt the fat while sculpting the muscles so that the muscle definition becomes more apparent. When the muscles are ‘blocked’ by a layer of fatty cells, any improvement in tone and definition results are less visible. But Physiq packs a one-two punch for the best possible streamlined results.

The technology used in Physiq differs from that of Emsculpt, too. Physiq relies on the exclusive STEP technology and alternates between delivering heat deep down to the tissue and muscle stimulation. As a result, the device’s multi-faceted approach to muscle stimulation and fat reduction produces the most dramatic results.

Think of Physiq as more of a multi-tasking treatment than Emsculpt. Not only does Physiq tackle fat and undefined muscle tone, but it also features four independent applicators. The multiple applicator heads allow your provider to treat various body parts simultaneously for maximum time and results. Plus, rather than treating each area separately, your provider can apply various applicators to different body parts for more streamlined and time-effective treatment.

BMI and skin tone/type are never an issue with Physiq. The treatment doesn’t come with BMI restrictions like other devices, and it’s safe for all body types. Plus, the treatments are customizable, so you can hone in on your most problematic and stubborn spots, even treating two areas at once.

The Pros of Physiq

  • It’s quick and easy–no incisions, scars, or surgery required
  • There’s zero downtime
  • It’s painless
  • Reduces hard-to-get-rid-of fat
  • Tones muscles in multiple areas
  • Creates natural-looking results
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