How Much Does Kybella Cost?

We all have fat, and some of us have small, stubborn pockets that, despite our best efforts, won’t budge. When hard-to-get-rid-of fat becomes problematic, eliminating it with surgery like liposuction isn’t an option (for whatever reason), the fat-dissolving injectable Kybella is the next best thing. Some say that Kybella works well, if not better than liposuction, and the Kybella cost for a treatment is far less expensive.

What is Kybella?

Kybella is an FDA-approved injectable that relies on deoxycholic acid (naturally found in bile) to treat submental fullness or a double chin. Kybella is injected directly into the fatty area under the chin with tiny needles. Usually, numbing cream is applied before to make the treatment more comfortable. Once injected, Kybella slims a double chin by disrupting the fat cells in the area, which the body absorbs and naturally eliminates. Repeat treatments are necessary for a slimming effect, which can take a few months to surface fully.

Kybella’s Key Benefits

The main benefits of Kybella are a permanent reduction in fat under the chin and a smoother, more chiseled jawline for a more defined look. With less fat under the chin and a more defined jawline, Kyeblla can give many people an improved sense of confidence, worth, and self-esteem. Plus, the treatment can help minimize wrinkles and lines in the area and jowls for a more youthful appearance.

Many people who desire a slimmer chin but don’t want to incur the expense of surgery or its downtime find Kyeblla a viable alternative. Plus, Kybella cost far less than liposuction does, making it a win-win treatment.

Exploring Kybella Cost Factors

Your Kybella cost is influenced by several factors, including:

Treatment Area: Chin, Neck, or Others

Where the face or body (an off-label use) Kybella injections are performed will dictate the overall Kybella cost. Some areas require more product to be injected to reach maximum fat-dissolving benefits, and injecting more considerable amounts of Kybella can cause the treatment to cost more.

Number of Sessions Required

Kybella requires more than one treatment session, and each appointment contributes to the overall cost. Most people benefit from three or four injection sessions spaced eight weeks out. Some patients may require up to six treatment sessions, increasing your Kybella cost.

Geographic Location of the Clinic

Kybella cost varies based on the provider. Those in large cities often charge more. On average, one session  cost around $900.

Expertise of the Practitioner

Experience is paramount in a good Kybella injector, and those with considerable time under their belt performing the treatment can command higher price tags. It’s essential always to research your provider and their knowledge and experience with the treatment to determine if their skill set justifies the cost you are quoted.

Additional Treatments or Services Included

To maximize the benefits of Kybella, some people benefit from additional complimentary treatments to further streamline and contour the chin, neck, and jawline area. Morpheus8 Face and dermal fillers may be recommended to improve the effects of Kyeblla for a more holistic appearance. However, if your provider recommends additional treatments, those add-on services will increase the Kybella cost and the overall treatment package.

Kybella Vs. Liposuction

The Cost of Kybella

Kybella cost substantially less than fat-reducing surgery like liposuction. Even though liposuction requires one procedure that is one price, a series of Kybella injections combined cost less than surgery. Unlike surgery, there are no additional or hidden fees with the Kybella cost you will be quoted during your consultation.

Other Benefits of Kybella Over Surgery

One of the main benefits of choosing Kybella over liposuction is that Kyeblla has a very short recovery time and can be done without anesthesia or significant downtime. While it’s normal to be a little swollen after Kybella injections, there’s far less swelling and bruising than liposuction and barely any pain.

Kyeblla cost substantially less than surgery, so many people choose injections over liposuction. Sometimes, small pockets of fat may still exist after liposuction, which can only be treated with Kybella. You may need fewer injections when that’s the case, but the Kybella cost will still be based on the same factors.

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