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What Is A Chemical Peel?

For a quick skin refresh that can take years off your appearance and smooth out the effects of too much time spent in the sun, hard-to-erase discoloration, stubborn breakouts, and other signs of aging, consider a chemical peel. The key…

Top 3 Benefits of Body Chemical Peels

Most of us pay far more attention to the skin on our faces, but the skin from the neck on down deserves equal consideration. Sure, it’s far easier to hide discolored, blemished, and aging skin under clothes (you can’t exactly…

Vitalize Peel vs MelanX

Professionally administered chemical peels are one the best ways to lift unwanted discoloration and hyperpigmentation from the skin. These excellent exfoliators buff away dead skin cells (where pigment can live) while smoothing out the skin’s surface, leaving it softer, more…

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