5 Things to Know About Upper Lip Hair Removal


The upper lip is often home to thin, yet dark, pesky hairs that are hard to remove. With a short growth cycle, these pesky hairs can seem to grow back in next to no time, which is why permanent upper lip hair removal is the best way to keep them away for good. Other hair removal treatments, like waxing and threading, may be cheap, but they don’t provide the same skin smoothness as laser hair removal.

But before you dive headfirst into laser hair removal, there’s plenty to understand about treating the area so that your results meet your expectations. Here’s everything to know about upper lip hair removal.

The color of your hair matters

While laser hair removal can work on all hair colors and skin tones, it has the best track record in removing darker hair. This is because the laser’s energy is attracted to melanin, which gives our hair and skin their coloring. The more melanin in the hair, the more the laser will be drawn to it and stop its growth cycle effectively. However, that doesn’t mean that laser hair removal can’t be used on the upper lip to get rid of lighter hair—it can. Just know that you may need multiple treatments to eradicate the hairs above the lip, so it’s super successful and smooth.

It works fast on the face, especially the upper lip

Yes, you’ll need more than one session to eliminate unwanted hair on the upper lip. But still, the results are faster than doing a larger area with a lot of hair. That’s because small regions, like the upper lip, are where laser hair removal works fastest and does its job well. In addition, there tends to be much less hair on the upper lip, so usually, you’ll need just a few pulses to kill the hair at the follicle.

It’s important to know that laser hair removal is not a one-and-done procedure, no matter how small or large the treatment area is. Instead, you’ll need a few treatments, which your provider will determine during your consultation—on average, six or more sessions are recommended to get rid of the hair in one area. But the upper lip is a hormone-sensitive area, so even though the strands may be fine and few and far between, hormone receptors tell the body to keep growing hair, which is why multiple treatments are necessary.

It’s a pain-free treatment

Years ago, laser hair removal got a bad rap for being painful. But not all hair removal machines are painful. In fact, our Motus device utilizes Moveo Technology does not require any numbing, providing a painless treatment in less time than traditional laser hair removal devices. Each laser pass feels like a rubber band snapping on the skin. Afterward, the skin may be pink or red for a few hours.

If you're sensitive in the area, always ask for a pre-test

The upper lip tends to be sensitive, and some people are reactive there. That’s not to say that laser hair removal isn’t an option if you get red or break out above your lip, but do your homework pre-treatment and test a tiny spot to ensure the laser and your skin are compatible.

You'll need to follow some aftercare tips for the best results

Laser hair removal doesn’t come with a laundry list of dos and don’ts, but there are a few things you’ll want to follow to make the most of the treatment. For starters, sunscreen daily is essential for post-laser hair removal, especially in the upper lip area, which can easily pick up the damaging effects of UV exposure. Also, a mild topical cream with aloe, cortisone, or other soothing and anti-inflammatory ingredients is helpful. Soothing the skin will help it heal evenly and reduce inflammation, so there’s less chance of hyperpigmentation. Finally, don’t freak out if the skin is red or irritated. Swelling in the area is expected, as is itchiness and minor discomfort.

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