3 Outstanding Benefits Of Dermal Fillers

There’s nothing quite like dermal fillers. The noninvasive treatment can improve common signs of aging—think wrinkles, lines, a loss of volume, and even deflated facial features—while boosting self-confidence and your overall appearance. Some of the benefits of dermal fillers are widely known, while others fly under the radar. Still, the following benefits are the three most important ones, in our humble opinion. So if you’re considering investing in dermal fillers to fix what’s bothering you, here are three benefits of dermal fillers to consider. We think they make the treatment even that much better!

Benefit #1: They Add Volume to Improve The Balance of The Face

Patients often come in asking what dermal fillers can be used for, and there’s a long-winded answer. No matter if you want to add volume to the face, enhance a facial feature, create better symmetry and balance, or address wrinkles and lines, people constantly return to dermal fillers. Their primary purpose is to add volume for a more harmonious face and aesthetic appeal. And in the process of volumizing the face, dermal fillers also help prompt the production of collagen and elastin, which the body naturally loses with age.

Restoring lost volume to the face can transform a sunken or hollow appearance (or isolated feature, for that matter) and plump it up so it appears less saggy and better defined. In addition, what dermal fillers are used for often includes adding volume lost with time to some regions of the face, like the cheeks, the lips, under the eyes, and even the jawline, which can create a more youthful, better-defined overall visage.

So what else can dermal fillers be used for? Dermal fillers address a wide range of age-related issues that affect the skin. While adding volume is their primary benefit, fillers can also plump slightly saggy skin. There are also plenty of off-label uses for fillers, like in the nose, for example, that provide excellent results.

But it’s not just women who can reap the volumizing effects of dermal fillers. Dermal fillers for men are a popular option, especially since they create a natural look that doesn’t look injected or fake looking. In addition, more and more men continue to turn to dermal fillers to address age-related facial concerns to improve their appearance and help turn back the hands of time.

What dermal fillers can be used for really comes down to patient preference. Some patients prefer to use dermal fillers only on the face, while others like them to enhance the butt, for example.

Of course, good dermal filler results have a lot to do with who’s injecting you. If you are looking for the best dermal fillers near you, it’s always best to choose an experienced injector with an artistic eye.

Benefit #2: Dermal Fillers Offer Long-Lasting (But Not Permanent) Results

The nice thing about dermal fillers is that they last just long enough—but not too long—that you can tweak the results as needed. How long do dermal fillers last is an age-old question, and for most people, their newly volumized features will remain for six months or longer—some dermal fillers last for over one year. But, of course, it depends on the filler used, the area treated, and your general lifestyle.

The results of dermal fillers vs. Botox are different and not to be confused since the mechanism of action and the formulation of each injectable differ. However, both are popular treatments that help erase the common signs of aging. As their name suggests, dermal fillers fill and volumize with Botox, and other neuromodulators stop muscle contraction by temporarily paralyzing the muscles that cause wrinkles to correct and prevent them. In addition, the results of dermal fillers are longer-lasting than Botox, which typically lasts for three to four months. Still, dermal fillers are not permanent, although they can last for several months or longer, allowing you to reap the benefits of the filler for an extended time. Then, as the filler’s effects slowly start to wear away, it’s easy to repeat the treatment when you’re ready and reinstate your beautifully volumized features.

Benefit #3: If You're Not Happy With The Results, They Are Reversible

In the unlikely event that you are unhappy with the results of your dermal fillers, they are easily reversible when hyaluronic acid fillers are used. Injecting an enzyme known as hyaluronidase (a naturally-occurring enzyme that breaks down synthetic hyaluronic acid gel, a common ingredient of many dermal fillers) into the area where the results are less than desirable quickly breaks down the filler to reverse the effects and bring the feature back to baseline. This makes dermal fillers highly favorable, especially when patients debate dermal fillers versus Botox and the pros and cons of each.

The reversal injections are quick and easy, although some patients say it is more painful than dermal fillers themselves, so topical numbing cream is often used. It’s best to wait a few weeks after the initial injection treatment before reversing your dermal fillers. This allows the product to integrate seamlessly into the skin and makes for an easier and more effective reversal without any side effects. However, the reversal results are instantly visible, but there may be some minor swelling or bruising that lasts a few days.

However, hyaluronidase is only a practical antidote for hyaluronic acid fillers. Suppose another type of dermal filler is used, like a collagen stimulator. Unfortunately, you’ll have to wait for the effects to wear off and subside on their own naturally.

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